Some things just are and others just need to be.



You, the most precious person to exist

You, my home for nine months or so

You, my protector against all

You, the person to love me most

You, where are you?

It seems we drifted somewhere in time

It seems you forgot to be you

And i forgot to be me

It seems our hearts became so harsh

It seems pride won the war

You, I need you

Can’t you see?

Can’t you read behind my words?

Do you no longer know me?

Is love after all not unconditional?

Two Fools Can’t Love

I asked him why
He said let me think about it
And so i gave him time
He never replied
How pathetic was i
To think okay
Maybe you can give him a chance
Maybe you can let your guard down
But no
He doesn’t know love
Or doesn’t have the kind i crave
He wants the flesh, the satisfaction of sex
And I, I seek love, the connection of souls

Not You

You’re making me feel

You’re repairing my heart
Slowly taking over you’re healing the wounds
And my mind is telling me, no, to not let you in
You’re just another guy
I know what you want
And it’s not to meet the soul
And it breaks me to know
You’re just the same as the one before Maybe if i were oblivious i wouldn’t see behind the mask
You want to use me
Release yourself in me
And so i let go
Can’t let you in

I’m back to where i never left

Back to a shattered state